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Tariffs and Licenses
ACD is a liscenced telephone company and portions of its business is regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission and the Federal Communications Commission. Below are the regulated tariffs and licenses for ACD Telecom, Inc., and ACD Telecom of the North, LLC

Michigan Tariffs:

Michigan Licenses:

Ohio Liscences:

Federal Liscenes:


Illinois Specific Requirements
Pursuant to the Order dated April 12, 2016, of the Illinois Commerce Commission in Docket 16-0106, KEPS Technologies, Inc. d/b/a ACD.net shall impose a supplemental charge of 2 cents per month per line for all Illinois telecommunications carriers, including wireless carriers (other than prepaid wireless carriers) and VoIP residential subscriber lines, a charge of .4 cents per VoIP business subscriber lines, a charge of .4 cents per line for all Centrex lines and a charge of 10 cents per PBX trunk. Charges for services provisioned by T-1 lines and other advanced services shall mirror KEPS’s application of 9-1-1 charges. The assessment on prepaid wireless transactions is established at .07% of prepaid retail transactions, to be implemented by the Illinois Department of Revenue. These charges shall be effective with bills rendered or transactions occurring on or after July 1, 2016, or at the beginning of the first cycle after July 1, 2016.