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Advanced Communications & Data Customer Support

We are 24 by 7 by 365, ready and waiting to answer your questions or fix any issues you may have with your service. We are absolutely committed to providing extremely high quality customer support.

Our Customer Support Service is directly integrated into our Network Operations Command Center. Since we provide direct access to our engineers and technicians, we are able to rapidly answer any questions, diagnose, debug, or fix any issues you may be having. There are not multiple tiers of technicians or calls that you need to be on hold for. We are highly experienced and have direct access to the equipment, network, and servers that are running your services.

On your Web Hosting, Colocation, or Managed Servers, we can immediately proceed with repairs and upgrades, and our Datacenter is just a few feet away from our support people. If you need Remote Hands, we are ready to go in minutes.

If we need to repair your Fiber Optic Connection, DSL, T1 Line, or Phone Service, we are able to immediately provide you with a time for dispatching to repair this service.

Contact our Customer Support
Call Us: 517.999.9999 or 877-422-3638 (877-4ACD-net)
Email Us:
Online Service Tickets & Notices: https://myaccount.acd.net
Web Based Email http://pop3.acd.net
Support Wiki http://support.acd.net
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24x7x365 24-Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
Enterprise Customer Support Desk Hours
24x7x365 24-Hours a Day, 365 Days a Year
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Customer Support support@acd.net
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