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Advanced Communications & Data Speed Test Servers

Advanced Communications & Data has its own speed testing server platform deployed in our Lansing, Michigan Datacenter. This is part of speedtest.net network, so it is accessible to everyone on the Internet.

Speed tests are general guidelines as to the performance between your computer and the computer that you are testing to. Speed can vary for numerous reasons, that are unrelated to your broadband provider. Therefore results should be taken with a grain of salt, and when diagnosing problems a variety of factors need to be reviewed, and taken into account.

"Speed" when related to Internet traffic is an imprecise and unscientific term. How to determine the actual performance actually comprises of various components, including bandwidth, latency, and jitter, and TCP window size and throughput. Each application desires different characteristics of bandwidth. Certain applications such as VOIP prefer connections that have the lowest jitter, rather than bandwidth. Other applications such as online gaming operate better with lower latency. Applications such as TCP window size, matter most when doing large file downloads.

The biggest factor is the location of the server you are testing to. As the internet is a network of various networks, the number of other providers that the server needs to through will dramatically affect the performance of the speed test. Also how many speed tests are occuring on the server matter.

Most commonly when there are speed issues at customer locations, we find that the most common cause is either PC's that are mis-configured such as the ethernet duplex. Other major factors are the performance of the equipment that is used between the computer and the speed test server. Usually residential or small business users are using consumer grade routers, firewalls, or switches that. With networking gear especially on the lower cost equipment, you get what you pay for.

The first and best test to use is this speed test: http://speedtest.acd.net. This link points to a server that exists in the Advanced Communications & Data Datacenter located in Lansing, MI. Other servers that are located at Speedtest.net are not on our network, and thier performance is likely to be different.

On DSL service, compared to cable modem, you are less likely to have congestion, since the line you have at your house is not shared accross other people in you neighborhood. Part of the value of DSL is that you can get more consistent speed and performance compared to most cable modem networks.

Some of the factors that affect the result of speed tests are:

  1. Location of the Server you are connecting to to do the speed test.
  2. Customer Firewall, ethernet switch, or router.
  3. Ethernet duplexing, for example making sure you are supporting full duplex operation on all equipment between the Advanced Communications & Data modem and your PC.
  4. Virus/worms/excessive software operating on the computer.
  5. Operating System of the PC.
  6. The connection from the provider (i.e. ACD).
  7. Bad or damaged internal wiring in the house where the DSL or ethernet connects to.

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