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Phone Services

Advanced Communications & Data provides bulletproof phone services to many thousands of people and companies. Our state of the art phone switch provides with traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS), Digital Voice, and also Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Unlike many providers, Advanced Communications & Data directly owns and operates its own phone switches, and we are licensed telecommunications provider. We are directly connected to other telephone carriers, using our own fiber optic network. Our phone services are provided out of our state of the art datacenter for maximum reliability and performance. We are extremely reliable and inexpensive, and provide excellent customer service.

The most cost effective way of buying Advanced Communications & Data services is by bundling both your Internet and Phone service together. By integrating voice and data in one service we can offer the best speeds, and the most flexible service.

We look forward to providing you with your phone and broadband service.

Business Phone Services
iPBX - Business Phone Systems
Advanced Communications & Data brings big business phone system without the upfront expense!
Business Phone Services
From a single line up to 1000's of lines - Advanced Communications & Data is your best choice for Telephone Service!
Phone & Broadband Bundles
Bundled services for both Broadband & Phone
ISDN PRI Service (Primary Rate Interface)
Dedicated High-capacity Digital phone service for your business
SIP for Phone Systems
Direct VOIP to VOIP links for PBX's and Phone Switches
eFax - Fax to Email Service
Recieve faxes to your email w/ your own private number
Request More Info on Business Services
We will have a sales person call or email you quickly and get you what you need
Residential Phone Services
Phone Services
Great prices on our local phone service.
Broadband/Phone Bundled Services
Combine both Internet and Phone into one bill.