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Advanced Communications & Data Network Technology Partners

Advanced Communications & Data has our own lab, where we test all platforms, components, cards, and software code versions before we deploy them on our network. In addition to our own design, research and development, Advanced Communications & Data uses building blocks from the best companies to deliver a superior customer experience and a bulletproof network. Below are some of our partners.

Network Equipment:
Cisco Logo 12400 Core Routers, 6500/7600 Switch Routers, 7200/7500 routers, Cisco 15454 Optical Platforms, and many other platforms.
Adtran Logo Muxes, Customer Premise Equipment, Integrated Access Devices, DSL Equipment, and Phones.
Zhone logo DSL Equipment, Customer Premise Equipment, Metropolitan Wireless Equipment.
Ubiquiti logo Wireless Equipment
MetaSwitch Networks logo Metaswitch Networks

Software Systems:
Ahsay logo Backup Software
Asterisk logo Open Source Telephony Applications
cPanel logo Web Hosting Engines
Google logo Mapping
Google logo Virtualization

Physical Infrastructure:
ADC logo Fiber Panels and Fiber Tray, Infrastructure and Racking
APC logo Battery Systems, Infrastructure, Racking and Cabinets
Caterpillar logo Generators

Internet Backbone:
AT&T logo AT&T Tier 1 Carrier: 2nd Largest Internet Backbone by Peers, Largest Internet Backbone for International Traffic
Level 3 logo Level 3 Tier 1 Carrier: Largest Internet Backbone by Peers
Sprint logo Sprint Tier 1 Carrier:4th Largest Internet Backbone