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MPLS Service Directory

MPLS, which stands for Multi-Protcol Label Service is a networking technology enhances traditional Internet Networks. Advanced Communications & Data has made extensive investments in MPLS technology. What this means to you is that your connectivity will be faster and more reliable with Advanced Communications & Data compared to other providers.

A key feature of MPLS is the ability to have deep control of our network so that we can guaranty Quality of Service. Advanced Communications & Data has deployed MPLS on our Cisco switching and routing core. For customers, one of the main advantages is the ability to run secure private connections between all of thier locations without having to spend extra money on complicated firewalls and VPN encryption devices. Advanced Communications & Data's MPLS capable network enables this to occur on our routing and switching equipment. MPLS service significantly increases reliablity, decreases failure time.


  • Substantially enhanced network security
  • Private networking is easy and reliable
  • Guaranteed bandwidth allocations - you know how much bandwidth each site is going to have without compromise
  • Support Hub and Point to Point network topology - this lowers costs for Wide Area Networks

About the Technology:

  • IP Packets are assigned tags to ensure they are sent along the most efficient path on the Advanced Communications & Data network.
  • MPLS Traffic can be completely isolated on a per customer and per network basis - Private networks are secure.
  • Full Quality of Service can be implmented.

Advanced Communications & Data MPLS service can directly interonnect with other carriers to mesh together MPLS service for more information about Interconnecting with other providers over the Advanced Communications & Data network, click here.

Advanced Communications & Data has MPLS deployed in every corner of our network, it is compatible with nearly all of our services and connections. From low cost DSL, to Ethernet, T1 or T3, or up to our Fiber optic service you can mesh together all locations with MPLS.

Fiber Optic Solutions
Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Service
Dedicated Direct Fiber Build bandwidth service at gigabit and 10 gig bit speeds, running on Advanced Communications & Data's state of the art MPLS Core
Dark Fiber
Get IRU's or direct ownership of fiber infrastructure for your network
Sonet Services
DS3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192 high capacity links
Fiber Optic Construction
We provide outside plant engineering, design and construction for fiber lines
Fiber Optic Maps
Long Haul Fiber Network
View the path and main aggregation point on our state of the art optical network
Metro Fiber Maps
View the paths and main aggregation points on our Metro Fiber Networks
Long Haul Fiber Network
View the paths and main aggregation points on our State-of-the-Art Long Haul Fiber Optic Network
Broadband Services Connected to our Fiber Backbone
ADSL2+ (DSL) Broadband Service
Highspeed Broadband services for business and residents up to 20mb/s down and 2mb/s up
Reach DSL Long Range Broadband Service
Get broadband service from Advanced Communications & Data where other phone companies cannot
Ethernet First Mile Service
Ethernet First Mile Service providing broadband up to 40mb/s up and down and integrated phone service
T1 Lines
The industry standard and highly reliable dedicated service that provides Internet, Data, and Phone connections
Dedicated Point to Point T1 Lines
Advanced Communications & Data provides dedicated high capacity Point to Point T1 Lines to many different entities