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Advanced Communications & Data Datacenter

Advanced Communications & Data's datacenter and corporate headquarters is located in the state capitol city of Lansing, Michigan. Unlike many companies in the datacenter business, Advanced Communications & Data directly owns the buildings and all of the associated facilities. We have total control over the our infrastructure. This allows Advanced Communications & Data the full flexibility to build exactly what we want, and to be able to completely maintain the facilities to our exacting standards. Our Lansing Michigan facility (1800 N. Grand River) was purchased 2005 and renovated into a fully hardened datacenter for our core network operations. The building is 42,000 square foot, and it features poured reinforced concrete walls which is a highly secure, and redundant facility.

The Advanced Communications & Data building, front view
The Advanced Communications & Data headquarters
Our bunkerized datacenter room inside our building for maximum redundancy for our phone switches, sonet systems, 
            core routing and switching.
A view in the datacenter bunker

Inside we have built a building-within-building bunker for our core network infrastructure. The bunker portion of the datacenter is a 4000 square feet, and has its own separate roof structure that serves as a hardened facility. Inside this bunker resides our Telephone Switch, as well as our Core Routers and Core switches, and the core servers for monitoring, operating and securing the network. In addition to the bunkered portion of the datacenter, we have 22,000 square feet of datacenter space that is scheduled for renovation beginning mid-2012.

We own the fiber that enters this facility, with sixteen conduits available for additional fiber through separate entrances. Unlike most datacenter operators, Advanced Communications & Data directly builds, constructs and permits our own fiber optics. We own fiber cable directly into various other telecommunications firms, including AT&T, Level 3, Global Crossing, and Sprint, among others. We are in direct control of the fiber facilities that are used to provide our backbone bandwidth to the hand off point on the provider networks.

Advanced Communications & Data network is highly distributed network architecture, we are in over 25 collocation facilities, and this location services are primary datacenter for the company. Throughout our fiber network and redundant locations we have fully redundant hardware and systems to make sure your services are extremely reliable.
Cisco 6509 Core and Distribution switches, using the latest generation of processors
Cisco 6509 Core Switches
Security Cameras monitoring and full recording of activities in our entire facility
Video surveillance cameras

At 1800 N. Grand River, Advanced Communications & Data has our Network Operations Command Center, our Hosting and Collocation Facilities, Customer Service, our primary engineering for our Fiber Optic Construction Services. We perform network monitoring of our network from this facility, and the full network is monitored 24 by 7 by 365 days. The site is fully monitored with and IPTV camera system, which is viewed from our Network Operations Command Center as well as all activity is recorded off site.

This entire facility is on back up diesel generator power (Caterpillar), and all critical systems including collocation customers are on N+1 redundant inline APC Power Structure battery systems.

Advanced Communications & Data has Cisco 12000 core routers, and Cisco 6500 series Core switches deployed, and Cisco ONS 15454 SONET Systems deployed as well, and a fully functional class 4/5 telephone switch, which also connect to our VOIP network that provides SIP trunking services. This facility serves as the testing site for all hardware deployed on our network.

HID Keycard and Keypad dual entry system to our collocation facilities for the most security.
Keycard and Keypad dual security system
Cisco 12000 Series Core and Backbone routers
Cisco 12400 Core Routers

We have a full test bay for all of our telecommunications gear, such as DSL equipment, Fiber Transmission, Fiber Repeaters, SONET systems, Dense Wave Division Multiplexing gear, and Linux and Windows Servers, and Virtual Machine server platforms which we provide shared, virtual hosting services from.