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Broadband Services
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Business Broadband Services
Advanced Communications & Data services for your business keep your business humming smoothly. Your employee's will love us and appreciate the speed.
Business Ethernet Services
Ethernet First Mile - Business Broadband up to 20Mbps
Business Fiber Services
ACD. Metro Fiber for Internet, Phone and Wide Area Infrastructure up to 10 Gigabits!
Residential "Wired" Broadband Services
With ACD. ADSL2+ no one is faster. We now offer speeds up to 20Mbps!
GigZone - Gigabit Fiber to the Home
1000Mbps Internet FTTH - Fiber To The Home!
The most cost effective way of buying Advanced Communications & Data services is by bundling both your Internet and Phone service. By integrating voice and data in one service we can offer the best speeds & the most flexible service. Our competition wonders how we can provide services so inexpensively and is having a hard time hard time competing with ACD.

Join the thousands of busineses already using ACD.

Business Phone & Broadband Bundles
Residential Phone & Broadband Bundles