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Agent, Partner, and Reseller Programs

ACD. Agent & Partner Programs are a great opportunity to grow your business and offer your customers an expanded product line.

ACD. state of the art facilities-based network and local customer care ensure you can provide your customers with the best in telecommunications and Internet access. Our background gives us special expertise in enterprise technologies such as MPLS and SIP, along with the big-picture savvy necessary to mate these technologies with end users' legacy systems. The solutions that emerge work precisely because they have real-world experience backing them up.

Sales Experience:

  • CLEC has been in operation since 1999
  • Proven technology platform
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expert engineering to help make complex sales simple
  • Dedicated agent channel support

Payment and Commission:

  • Prompt and Immediate Payment - Commissions online reporting of your commission is automatically generated on Advanced Communications & Data My Account. Options include: One-Time, One time plus recurring.
  • Highest Commission Rates - We have among the highest commission rates in the industry. We compete very well with Cavilier, PaeTech, TDS, and many other competitive carriers.
  • Easy proposal paperwork - pre-canned document sheets with Advanced Communications & Data's services that you can provide to your customers.

Many Advanced Tools:

Our systems are designed so you can support YOUR customers and improve YOUR sales. MyAccount.acd.net is our interface for you to manage your customers and your account:
  • Online Service Ticket System - you can quickly see all service tickets.
  • Online Chat System - You can instantly chat with our customer support.
  • Online Traffic Graphing System - You can see exactly how much bandwidth customers are using.
  • Online Phone Reports - in both web, and pdf format for all phone usage that can be pulled anytime.
  • Online Commission reports so you will know how much you are getting paid and when.

Extensive Online Mapping Tools:

You will know exactly where our network facilities are and what type of infrastructure you are providing to customers.
Advanced Communications & Data's state wide network
Dedicated Professional Customer Support and Network Operations Center

Advanced Communications & Data datacenter and headquarters in Lansing MI

Newer Products and Services Than Our Competition:

We have invested heavily to have the latest products and services, in addition to the more traditional service:

fiber slicing and Advanced Communications & Data collocation

Programs Available:

  • Agent - Get paid one time commission
  • Agent / Partner - Get paid one time commission plus recurring fee
  • Reseller - Our reseller program is for companies that want to private brand ACD. offerings


You can email us for details at sales@acd.net, or call us at 517.999.9999.