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ADSL2+ (Next Generation DSL) Broadband Service

Advanced Communications & Data provides the newest generation DSL service called ADSL2+. This service provides broadband over copper wires that are installed in every home and business. These wires are directly connected to our backbone

Advanced Communications & Data ADSL2+ is highly reliable because we monitor and maintain each and every ADSL2+ line from our Network Operations Command Center. We know if your line is having any issue prior to the line going down. This enables us to perform proactive maintenance, and roll out repair crews. Our https://myaccount.Advanced Communications & Data web interface allows you to view performance graphs of your speed and how much bandwidth you are using.

Advanced Communications & Data's service support Bonding, which doubles the capacity and performance of your connection, and provides additional redundancy. The maximum speed of ADSL2+ is about 25mb down and 2.5mb up per loop.

Advanced Communications & Data also has dedicated Quality of Service technology deployed on its ADSL2+ lines, its entire backbone, and its fiber-optic network. This allows Advanced Communications & Data to provide telephone service, and SIP Phone Service with crystal clear clarity over ADSL2+ lines.

The phone service is categorized and queued to ensure that voice data always gets through, regardless of the bandwidth used for Internet or Data services. If you purchase phone service with your ADSL2+ service from ACD, we always provide a dedicated Quality of Service channel.

If you do not purchase phone service from ACD, we can provide a dedicated QOS channel on an ADSL2+ line. Many other providers do not have this capability on their DSL lines and equipment to prioritize service.

Bundled phone and DSL service are available at very competitive prices, or you can order your ADSL2+ line with only Internet Service. We also provide bundled service with a single line for residents, pricing is here. To sign up for service, click here. For Businesses that need multiple phone lines, we have an integrated voice and data service here. To request more information on business services click here.

With ADSL2+, like all DSL, the speed of your connection is dependent on the distance from the central office where Advanced Communications & Data has equipment. The closer you are to a central office, the faster the speed you will have. To get a quick and rough estimate of how far you are from a central office please check out our loop distance estimator. To get an exact distance you can fill out this DSL qualification form. One of our technicians will run a quick loop analysis and contact you with the results.