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About ACD

Advanced Communications & Data is a facilities based Internet and Telecommunications provider with its headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. Advanced Communications & Data provides Fiber Optic Service, Metro Ethernet, Telephone, Hosted Phone Service, DSL, Datacenter and Web hosting services. Advanced Communications & Data services all types of customers, including institutional, large and small business, educational, and residential customers. We are experts at operating Internet networks and have been in the business since 1992. Our customers expect and receive very reliable service, expert customer support and rapid delivery and repair.

Contact Information, News, and About Us
Contact Us
Our phone numbers and email addresses
Our Philosophy
Read about goals, mission, ethics and the way we think about the world
Request more Info on Business Services
We will have a sales person call or email you quickly and get you what you need
Facebook Site
View our Facebook group and see recent photos
Broadband and Data Services for Business
Business Grade ADSL2+ (DSL) Broadband Service
Highspeed Broadband services for business and residents up to 50mb/s down and 2mb/s up
Fiber Optic Services
Our various Fiber Optic Services, provide the ulitmate connection speeds.
Ethernet First Mile Service
Ethernet First Mile Service providing broadband up to 40mb/s up and down and integrated phone service
T1 Lines
The industry standard and highly reliable dedicated service that provides Internet, Data, and Phone connections
Dedicated Point to Point T1 Lines
ACD provides dedicated high capacity Point to Point T1 Lines to many different entities
MPLS Service
Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) provides a completely secure and private network between your locations.
Business Phone Services
iPBX Hosted Business Phone Systems
Hosted Phone Service lowers costs, gets you new desk phones and provides much better technology for your office.
Business Phone Services
From a single line up to 1000's of lines - ACD is your best choice for Telephone Service!
Phone & Broadband Bundles
Bundled services for both Broadband & Phone
ISDN PRI Service (Primary Rate Interface)
Dedicated High-capacity Digital phone service for your business
SIP for Phone Systems
Direct VOIP to VOIP links for PBX's and Phone Switches
e2Fax - Fax to Email Service
Receive faxes to your email w/ your own private number
Request More Info on Business Services
We will have a sales person call or email you quickly and get you what you need
Residential Services
Phone Services
Great prices on our local phone service.
Broadband Services
Broadband for your home delivered by DSL or Wireless.
Broadband/Phone Bundled Services
Combine both Internet and Phone into one bill.
Backbone Network Services
Sonet Services
DS3, OC-3, OC-12, OC-48 and OC-192 high capacity links
Fiber Optic Construction
We provide outside plant engineering, design and construction for fiber lines
Dark Fiber
Get IRU's or Direct ownership of fiber infrastructure for your network
BGP4 Backbone Routing Services
Redundant and reliable backbone routing services delivered in managed or unmanaged
Datacenter Services
Colocate your servers with ACD in our State-of-the-Art Datacenter
Current ACD Customers
My Account
Manage your account online - update email addresses, view history, submit service tickets, pay bills, etc..
Phone Settings
Forward you phone calls, block phone calls and adjust other settings with your home or business phone service
International Long Distance Rates
ACD updates our International Rates from time to time, the rates are listed here
Support Wiki and Documentation
View all of our articles on our product, services and customer support
Our support department is dedicated to resolving any of our customer's issues.
ACD Dial-up Access Numbers
For customers who use a dial modem number and our broadband customers that are away from their broadband service
Check your ACD email
Web access to your ACD email service
Speed Test
Learn about and use ACD's speed test tool to check your connection speed
IP Justification Form
Need a lot of IP's? No problem, please fill out the attached and return it.
Business Agents, Agents, and Wholesale Services
Agent and Partner Programs
Make top dollars representing or selling Advanced Communications & Data Services. Excellent sales and customers support, and very easy to work with
Wholesale & Carrier Services
We have a long history of providing services to telecommunications providers, Hosting Services, Internet Providers, and have unbeatable cost and reliability
Schools, Libraries, and Healthcare
Universal Service
How to get Government subsidized Internet, Telephone, and Wide Area Networks for Schools, Libraries and Rural Healthcare
Maps and About Our Infrastructure
1800 N Grand River
ACD Metroix Datacenter
Learn about our secure datacenter and collocation facilities.
Network Operations Command Center
Learn about our network command center
Phone Exchanges and Rate Centers
See the phone exchanges assigned to ACD and their corresponding rate centers.
Fiber Maps
View the paths and main aggregation points on our Metro Fiber Networks
Network Technology Partners
We work with some of the best and brightest companies in the industry to deliver a great customer experience. Here are some of our partners
Policies and Regulations
Acceptable Use Policy
General terms and conditions of our service policies
Network Abuse Policy
General terms and conditions of our network abuse policies
VOIP Terms and Conditions
Phone Service and VOIP Terms and Conditions
ACD Residential Credit Check Policy
Read about our policies on performing credit checks on residential customers
Tariffs and Licenses
Regulated services for ACD Telecom, Inc. and ACD telecom of the North, Inc.
Statement on Network Neutrality and Open Access
Read our statement on Network Neutrality and Open Access
Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement
Download our non-disclosure agreement. This agreement is required at times when ACD needs to provide confidential information our partners or potential customers, agents, or resellers