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Phone/BroadBand Internet Bundles for Business
IVaD - (Voice, Video and Data) on the same circuit

Searching for the efficiency of a dedicated connection plus the simplicity of a single circuit for both voice and data traffic? Now you can have it all - with ACD. IVaD Service. ACD. IVaD Service provides you with the unique ability to keep pace with your company's rapidly changing voice and data needs. By allowing you to choose up to 32 voice channels and up to 1.5 Mbps of data bandwidth on a single T1, you distinctively create a bridge between a T1 level of voice services with a T1 speed of data and Internet traffic. With our IVaD Service over Ethernet First Mile we can deliver over 100 Phone Lines and over 40Mbps of Symmetric Bandwidth.

Take advantage of the simplicity of ACD. IVaD Service. Perfect for any size business looking to send Local, Toll, Long Distance and Data traffic all on one connection. If you're like most customers, you'll welcome the chance to meet your growing voice and data needs and save money in the process with one product.

Valuable features of ACD. IVaD Service include:

  • Scalability from 5 to virtually unlimited voice channels and 256Kbps up to 155Mb of data bandwidth all on the same circuit.
  • Dynamic allocation of bandwidth. In the case of a T1 Line, if no voice channels are in use, up to 1.544mb is available for Internet access. As voice channels begin to be used, IVaD service dynamically scales back data bandwidth available to the Internet.
  • IVaD Service offers value by combining both types of traffic over a single circuit, allowing your business to enjoy the same performance and service at a greater value.
  • ACD. IVaD Service offers simplicity, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors for multiple services. One company, one vendor and one bill.
  • Ability to use Advanced Communications & Data iPBX Hosted Phone Service

We at Advanced Communications & Data understand that every dollar counts. With Advanced Communications & Data IVaD you can avoid unnecessary expenses as your voice and data needs grow. IVaD service offers you the choice to be innovative by integrating your voice and data over a single dedicated connection, giving you the benefits of new technologies to access the Internet, to maintain your voice communications, to create a private network, to receive superior customer service, and to realize the savings to your bottom line.

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Call a Sales Representative today at 877-4ACD-net, for more information on how IVaD can meet your business needs.