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BGP4 Backbone Routing Services

BGP4 Backbone Routing Services allow customers with multiple Internet providers to fully and completely redundantly route upstream and downstream traffic. BGP4 service is used to make sure all traffic fails over completely and seamlessly with no interruption of traffic flow whatsoever between two separate providers.

Advanced Communications & Data is an expert on managing, operating and setting up BGP4 backbone routing services. We have the expertise to provide, as well as manage, maintain, and integrate your BGP4 service with your other providers. Advanced Communications & Data can coordinate installation, operation, upgrades and manage the routers and switches that comprise a BGP4 configuration. Our 24 by 7 by 365 Network Operation Command Center monitors BGP sessions all of the time and will contact you immediately if there is any outage. We will start investigating the outage of any BGP4 problem immediately.

The types of customers that obtain BGP4 service is usually larger entities that must have multiple providers, hosting providers, and wholesale and service provider customers.

In order to obtain BGP4 service, a customer must be assigned a minimum of a /24 (256 IP addresses) for thier network. This typically means that they must have a larger network of computers or servers. For customers that have been assigned thier own block of IP addresses, Advanced Communications & Data can easily route these blocks accross our backbone network. Customers may investigate getting their own IP Blocks by visiting http://www.arin.net.

Advanced Communications & Data maintains multiple backbone providers on our own network infrastructure, and is highly redundant and reliable.

Our network is also compatible with IP Version 6 Services.

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