Why us?

Advanced Communications and Data is the leading provider of Fiber Internet and Local Phone Services. With our experienced and customer focused staff, technicians, and support available any time Advanced Communications & Data is the best choice for all your telecommunication needs!

Our Mission

We are focused on the best experience for our customers, partners, and employees. Whether we are repairing a fiber line or installing new service, we know that connectivity and reliability are paramount to your usage. All users, partners, and employees deserve to enjoy a reliable, fast, easy to use service and experience.

Our Experience

Advanced Communications & Data operates networks and provides the best communication services. Fiber, Broadband, Telephone, and more services derived from our own network and systems. We focus all of our energies on improving our systems and infrastructure, and our ability to provide you with reliable and fast service. We are experts in communication technologies.

Our Support

Our Customer Support Service is directly integrated into our Network Operations Command Center. Our technicians are here 24/7/365 and are able to rapidly answer any questions, diagnose, debug, or fix any issues you may be having. We are highly experienced and have direct access to the equipment, network, and servers that are running your services.


This is just a small selection of the vast array of business and residential services Advanced Communications & Data provides.

Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Service

Dedicated Direct Fiber Build

Dark Fiber

IRU's or direct ownership of fiber infrastructure for your network

Fiber Optic Construction

Outside plant engineering, design and construction for fiber lines

Broadband For Business

A range of Internet Connections for your business.

iPBX - Business Phone

Advanced Communications & Data brings big business phone systems without the upfront expense!

Colocation Services

Hardened Data Center Space

Fiber To The Home

Blazing speeds soon to be built to your home!

Broadband For Home

Speeds Up To 25Mbps!

Phone Services for Home

Reliable POTS Lines and more!